High Five for Friday!

It's Friday! I'm linkin up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share the top five things from my week.

1. Snow Day - Yes, I am an adult. No, I don't work for the school district. But, when it dumps 2 inches of snow overnight and we don't have any appointments that day at the office, and I live 35 minutes away from work - I called (er, texted) in "snowy" and took the day off.

2. fireplace - Also pertaining to snow day, the hubs decided to see if our 20 year old fireplace would light up. We tried it once a long time ago, it made the whole house smell like gas, so we turned it off and never tried again. But yesterday, it worked like a charm. It was delightful - hot chocolate, warm fire, perfect way to spend a snow day.

3. This was my view when I came out to the living room early this morning. You can't really tell, but my husband is under the red blanket, and Stella was in between his legs! Apparently they weren't quite ready to be up for the day.

4. A couple months ago, we decided we wanted to get some new furniture for the living room. Our entertainment center & bookshelf from when we were first married were looking a little too small next to our tv and other furniture. I found some plans for an entertainment center and bookshelves that I really loved from the lovely Ana White, and long story short, my lovely sister in law's future father-in-law (Eh?) offered to build them for us! We had it delivered last weekend and Loren stained it and put some polyurethane on the top this week. Below is a picture of it before we pushed it up against the wall and reinstalled all the TV components! Isn't it BEAUTIFUL? I absolutely love how it turned out and how it makes such a big statement. I also love that it's a mixture of rustic and traditional and modern. So clean and simple, and yet the wood is very natural. Goodness, I love it.

5. Last night we saw The Hobbit in 3D! It was my first time seeing anything 3D in movie theaters, and at first it was a little bit sensory overload. But it was really cool and (once I got used to it) it helped me stay more engrossed in the movie. Which was good because The Hobbit is 3 hours long and my attention span regarding Middle Earth is not usually quite that long. It was a fun snow-day-evening activity. 

Also, our driveway was a sheet of ice this morning, and while my husband's car seemed to effortlessly drive in and out of the garage yesterday, my Jeep got s-t-u-c-k as soon as I threw it in drive this morning. My poor husband was on a work call and I came up the stairs in a huff and whispered "My car is stuck." He (still on the work call) walked outside and, with some degree of difficulty (which made me feel better about my own failure) got the car to the top of the driveway! YAY! I drove off and apparently at some point during the ordeal had shut the garage door on accident, leaving him outside in the cold with the dog and his computer and the fireplace on inside. Oh, and my phone was on vibrate and I was too focused on driving to hear it ring so I missed 6 calls from him on my way to work, oblivious to the situation I had left for him.


Thankfully by the time I called him back at 9:15am it had all been resolved and he had found his way in with minimal damage to himself or the house.

That's definitely not one of my top 5 faves of this week or anything, but I just felt like it should be shared with the blog world.

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