A Random List

1. I have yummy ham and beans cooking in the crock pot at home. I always feel so on top of life and super organized when I have a make a crock pot meal. And I always look forward to getting home from work because my house will smell so delicious. Yay crock pots!

2. I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time since I've been married (oops). Even after a 2.5 year absence, they said my teeth were in perfect condition!! My family has had kind of a running inside joke that the dentist we all go to is the most encouraging, positive person and you always leave feeling like you have the most PERFECT set of teeth. Yesterday, I was told I was the poster child for a perfect mouth. :-)

3. Stella got a new sweater as a little early Christmas gift!  

4. I've had really mixed feelings about Christmas this year. Mostly because I am really starting to hate the way it becomes the most selfish day of the entire year and everyone feels entitled to stuff they don't need, etc. However, for the first time I've been doing a daily Advent devotional where there's a daily Scripture reading and it has been amazing what a difference it has made in making my heart prepared and  ready to celebrate Christ in the midst of this holiday craziness. It's also made me want to evaluate in advance how we go about celebrating Christmas in the future when we have children, because I definitely don't want them thinking that Jesus' birthday is the day we all get a bunch of junk we don't need and feast on unhealthy food like gluttons. That sure isn't very Christlike.

5. Sometimes mornings at work speed by and it's lunch time before I know it. Today was not one of those days.

6. Speaking of unhealthy food, I haven't necessarily fallen off the wagon, but I sure haven't been as diligent about eating clean and carefully as I have been in recent months. I'm hoping that my short reprieve from watching my diet so closely will help trick my metabolism when I start back up after Christmas and give me better results. I'm toying with the idea of doing a Whole30. Heard of it? I really do think there's something to it.

That's all I got for now!