Work It! Review of The Abs Diet for Women Workout

Ever heard of The Abs Diet? I knew it came around several years ago, but I wasn't really into diet or exercise back then, so I really don't know the premise or principles behind it. Still don't, if we're gonna be honest. However, I did find the corresponding workout DVD at the library, so I checked it out.

As you would expect, the DVD starts out with 2 eight minute ab segments. Followed up with a 15 minute High Intensity Interval segment, then a 15 minute strength circuit training, and then short pilates and yoga segments. Only equipment required is a pair of light handweights. I used 5lbs.

Instructor - 7 

I've never heard of Jessica Smith before, but she looks extremely familiar (and her two gal pals working out behind her), and according to some Amazon research, she has been the instructor in some Women's Health DVDs. She's pretty good. Not annoying, not overly gruff. She is excellent at cues and is very encouraging.

Intensity - 5 / Hard to Say

The HIIT cardio segment of this workout was killer. I'd give it a 6-7 on its own.
 I did all the segments in sequence (which I got the impression was not the prescribed way to do this DVD - I think you're supposed to split them up throughout the week), so the strength circuit segment followed the HIIT, and my heart rate stayed really elevated the entire time.
However, if I had just done the strength segment alone, it probably would have been no big deal. I would say this workout has the intensity of a 5-6 if it's done all together (little over an hour), but more like a 3 if it's done separately. The pilates and yoga segments are no big deal either - more like cool down/stretching.

Difficulty - 3

Not difficult. Everything is very basic, which is nice because it allows you to really give it your all. Plus, every move has two modifications to make it more or less difficult, so at all times you have pretty much three options. Beware, the beginner modifications are very beginner - too easy in my opinion unless you are literally just starting to work out (or have bad joints). Otherwise, it's a cop out and I don't think you'll see results if you're barely moving. None of the moves are so hard to figure out that you would really need to modify.

Overall - 5

I really like the variety this DVD offers. However, I'm not sure anything other than the HIIT cardio segment is going to produce any measurable results. Of course results will vary with each person based on diet and other factors. However, the workouts go quickly and if you do the entire thing you do get a great full-body warm up, cardio, strength, and abs workout, ending with some lengthening and stretching which feels really good. Overall it's a decent workout.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave me a comment!