High Five for Friday!

I seriously love Friday. Don't you? Fridays at work are pretty much always slow, and I really kind of look forward to it because I can get geared up for the weekend and kind of breeze through a workday in the process.

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share my Top Five things from this week!

1. We had our bathroom countertops painted last week! Loren found a guy advertising on Craigslist that he would paint over old countertops to make them look like granite. We were pretty skeptical at first, but saw some samples and pictures and decided to go ahead. We are SO glad we did - they turned out awesome! We are also going to put a frame around our bathroom mirror and paint our cabinets in the Master Bathroom, so be looking for a full post of the finished product when we get it all done! I am SO excited!

2. Last Friday, my mom and sister and I headed up to Atchison, KS for the holiday open house at Nell Hill's. It's this awesome home interior/decorating store that is well known in the area for having really unique items and beautiful decorating ideas. The owner of the store even opens up her home for tours so you can see how she has decorated for Christmas! The store was absolutely incredible - stuffed to the gills with sparkly, festive, and unique holiday items. It was like inspiration overload, and I came back with some pretty awesome DIY ideas that I'm excited to try out for this Christmas!
Front of the home
Precious kitchen table that added a very antique feel to a modern kitchen

Backyard courtyard had beautiful seating areas with HUGE pillows!

Loved this leather couch with giant plaid pillows! 
Also in the backyard - huge table centerpiece. Not very practical for eating together, but it sure was beautiful to look at!

My sister and me (and her baby in her tiny little belly!) outside and inside the house. 
3. Wrapped up an amazing Good Morning Girls study through the book of Colossians with a fantastic group of women on Instagram. They have become so precious to me over the last 8 weeks and I am so thankful for the opportunity to study with them. The study is very self guided - there is a daily reading and blog posts a few times a week, but other than that it is left wide open to let the Lord speak to you however He wants about whatever He wants. One of the coolest things has been seeing how God used the exact same verses to apply in such varied ways in each of our lives. But we were never left without an insight or a specific application that He put on our hearts. 

4. This nutty little animal never ceases to entertain me! 

5. The hubs was out of town a lot over the last couple of weeks, but he's home now and not scheduled to leave again for awhile. And there's the lovely sound of a drill currently humming in our bathroom which means our bathroom project is underway...it's nice to have him home! 

Happy Weekend, everyone!