Hubs had a Birthday!

This week was my sweet husband's birthday! It's been so fun to celebrate with him, even though I'm lame and came down with a gross cold ON his birthday, so I ended up going to bed early! However, we did do some fun things, starting off the day with this Nutella Coffee:
8 oz strong coffee, 1 Tbsp Nutella, tiny bit of cocoa powder, and honey to taste
He's pretty low key about his birthdays (much less than me, lol), so we kept things pretty simple and celebrated with his family that evening with Mexican food, Butterfinger Pistachio Dessert, and movies. The Butterfinger dessert is one of Loren's favorites, and while it sounds weird, it is seriously delicious. It's wonderfully salty and sweet - and green!

This weekend, we went with my family to tour a local Kansas City coffee roaster called The Roasterie. We have been big fans of The Roasterie ever since we started finding out more about coffee and the hubs especially has researched the different types of coffee beans, ways to roast beans, etc. He is really into good coffee...which has big perks for me!

Here we are in the lobby of the Roasterie (their logo is an airplane) waiting to go on the tour!

Our tour started off in the Cupping Room. "Cupping" is what they call the way they taste test different coffees so they can determine which beans to buy,  and create different blends of coffee. I had to share this picture because when our guide asked for volunteers, my little 5 year old nephew ran up to the table and climbed on one of the chairs! Don't worry, we didn't let him sample burning hot coffee. Although he might have liked it! 

After our tour, we had lunch at a little cafe in downtown KC called the Blue Bird Bistro. The food was great, the service was slow. Not exactly terrible, just not quite what I was expecting when I'd made a reservation several weeks in advance. 

It was fun to spend the day doing something a little out of the ordinary with the hubs and my family. I love being able to spend our birthdays together. Having our birthdays so close together makes it feel like a month-long celebration! I could get used to that!