Well, well well....

It's a good thing Blogger linked up with Google awhile back, because otherwise I probably would have forgotten my password after such a lack of use!

If you happen to depend on this blog to know if I'm still alive or not...sorry for the concern I caused you.

I'm still alive! In fact, we're all doing quite well around here.

And I'm 24 now!

My birthday was this past Tuesday (the 25th so you can remember next year).

It came and went with much fanfare and lots and lots of wonderful food.

On Monday evening, we went to see Hillsong Live in concert with some long-time, really great friends!  Hillsong was fantastic live - it was genuinely a worship service and their purpose was to create an environment for the whole crowd to sing and praise the Lord together. 
The picture above is where we got photo-bombed by aforementioned friends. I love it!

We started off the big day by going to breakfast at this fun little place called The Bean Counter Cafe.

My Pumpkin Spice Mocha which was the BEST!

And we ended the evening at a place called McCoy's Public House in Westport. My macaroni and cheese was on the right and it was seriously amazing. Then we topped the night off with some delicious coffee from the Broadway Cafe and amazing caramel cupcakes from BabyCakes (thanks, Mom & Dad!). YUM!

I ate so much food that I felt sick last night and swore I'd never eat bad-for-me food again.

So much food that I spent most of my mental free-time at work today pumping myself up for an intense cardio blast workout when I got home. I'll blog another day about how annoying Denise Austin is and how badly she makes my thighs hurt. 

I'll miss you, birthday. You only come once a year and you're always my excuse to eat amazing food that I don't otherwise let myself have. Then again, the husband's birthday is in a few weeks. And then there's Thanksgiving, and Christmas... yikes.

 I leave you with my most favorite picture of my sweet puppy EVER. I took this when we were leaving breakfast on Tuesday (she stayed in the car and was SO good!). I just really love that sweet face!

Til next time, friends!