Work It! Review of Jillian Michaels' Shred It With Weights

Oh, here we go. 2nd installment of my Work It! exercise video reviews series!

The reason it's been over a week since I've reviewed a new DVD is not that I haven't been working out, but it's that I'm pretty in love with this Jillian Michaels Shred It With Weights, so it's all I've been doing lately! 

This DVD comes with two workouts, a beginner and advanced workout. Both workouts utilize a kettlebell as it's only accessory, but one of Jillian's girls uses a handweight to show you the modifications. I've done it with both a 5lb weight and a 5lb kettlebell, and the kettlebell is definitely different (=harder), but both get the job done. This workout is unlike anything I've ever done, and pretty different than Jillian's typical 3-2-1 strength, cardio, abs circuits. It takes a little while to get the hang of the moves, but it's addicting once you do! 

Instructor - 8

If you're not a fan of Jillian's style of coaching (rough, abrasive...have you seen the Biggest Loser?), you won't find anything different here. I've done a couple of her other workouts, and I haven't found her to be quite as unbearable in this DVD as in others. She does say something along the lines of "You are going to rue the day you bought this DVD!" at the beginning of the advanced workout (encouraging, yeah?), but give it five minutes once you're done and you'll love it. 


Beginner Workout - 4
Advanced Workout - 7

Be forewarned - for me, there was a huge difference in intensity between the two workouts. I sweated it out in both, but the advanced workout really did me in! Even the warm-up in the advanced workout got me sweating. Also, you know it's intense when the super-in-shape girls doing the workouts behind Jillian are sweating like pigs and totally out of breath and grimacing toward the end of each circuit. The beginner workout is a great introduction to kettlebells and definitely gets the heart rate up and blood pumping, just not as much as the advanced. The worst/hardest part of the beginner is the awful squat jumps. The worst/hardest part of the advanced is...well, all of it. My advice is to do the beginner just to get the hang of kettlebells a few times, but mostly stick with the advanced. 

Difficulty - 4

Both of the workouts on this DVD were pretty "easy". One thing I love about Jillian is that none of her moves are complicated, which I've really started to appreciate lately. The moves are intense, but super easy. With kettlebells, there is a lot of hinging and "pop it, lock it" at the hips. Not rocket science. But, getting your form right is really important because otherwise, your workout will be totally ineffective, and you could really hurt your back. 

Overall -9

I seriously love this DVD! I love kettlebells! I love Jillian Michaels! This workout is total body and you feel it everywhere afterwards. It's easy to catch on, and you can always use a heavier kettlebell/weight to increase the intensity. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for me, leave me a comment!