Work It! Review of Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo - Get Celebrity Fit - Sculpt

I was super excited to get a notice from the library today that the Tae-Bo DVDs I had requested came in (along with about 15 others - the librarian was amused)! I came right home and popped it in, ready to kill it!

I started with Tae-Bo Get Celebrity Fit - Sculpt. This was my very first experience with Tae-Bo ever - LOVED it. I know, it's been around for like 10 years, but I wasn't working out 10 years ago, so let's just be happy together about it. Like every good workout, I felt like I was going to die. MyFitnessPal says I burned approximately 614 calories (CardioTrainer estimates more like 575), which would totally explain why I was so shaky when I finished, I could barely even text on my phone! Once you press play, you are constantly moving for the next 44 minutes. The sequence is pretty much - they teach you a short series of moves, do it about 8 times, and then double the speed and do that for about 3 sets of 8, and then move on to something else entirely. Not a lot of repeating. The pace is super fast - there are people counting 1-8 in rhythm the entire time and there is NO rest in between anything. However, the entire thing is SO fun and SO exhilerating, so it feels like it goes by really fast.

Instructor - 8

Minus the weird nonsensical spiritualized Celebrity mumbo-jumbo at the very end, Billy Blanks is really fun to work out with! You can really tell he is having a blast, and he always gives cues in rhythm, which helps out a lot if you're rhythmically challenged like me. Billy is pretty much constantly talking, so if you get annoyed by that, be warned. Also be warned that one of his main groupies lets out kind of a primal scream after particularly rigorous sequences. Also, she comes up and appears to pat Billy on the backside a few times. Otherwise, she's totally normal.

Intensity - 8

It might be kind of unfair to rate this at such a high intensity, since it was my very first time doing this video. However, it was one of the fastest pace workouts I have ever done, period - which I think counts for something in the intensity category. Also, after about 25 minutes, I noticed that I was having to really focus on putting effort into the moves because I was getting fatigued. It felt good to have to push through and apply mind to muscle, or I wouldn't be able to finish! Also, I was drenched and my face and entire upper body was red, so I'd say it was pretty intense.

Difficulty - 6

Getting the hang of some of the sequences is by far the hardest part of this workout. The punches, kicks, etc are not easy to do with good form, but not hard to learn either. Trust me, if I can catch on to these sequences, anyone can. Doing each sequence slowly and deliberately at first helps you get the hang of it before the speed picks up. I finished the video feeling like I had been able to do it all with the instructor, not watch them work out while I stand there confused.

Overall - 9

Love it! I'll admit it, even though it was really challenging, I had an absolute blast doing this old-school workout. I am one worn-out girl after doing this and ALL my muscles feel tired! One of the biggest benefits already of this series of reviews is that I'm really discovering 1) how much I love exercise and 2) what types of exercise invigorate and motivate me (rather than make me hate life = running). These kick-boxing type of cardio workouts are quickly becoming my favorite!

What about you? Any questions or suggestions for me? Please leave me a comment!