Remember that one day...

when I got frustrated that my strawberry seeds weren't growing, so I threw all the seeds I'd just scraped out of my honeydew melon from Aldi into the pot and watered it?

Just to see what happened?

A couple weeks ago they looked like this:

Since then, we've had over 2 weeks of 100+ degree temperatures, and hardly ANY rain at all. 

And today.... they look like this:

Are you kidding me? These were seeds that were INSIDE a MELON.

from ALDI! 

As far as the seeds I purchased in packages at Lowes, above is the cilantro which is not doing so well in all this heat. 
But the basil is doing pretty good! 
I have to wonder if the basil is stealing all the nutrients from the soil? Or does it work like that? 

I'm new at this gardening thing. 

But I'm tempted to go throw a few whole strawberries in my leftover planter!