Happy Birthday, Stella!

 Today is my sweet baby Stella's first birthday!! 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures of our favorite little schnauzer over the past year. 

This is going to verge on ridiculous, just so you're aware. Don't judge. I just really really love my dog! 

 This is the day they were born!! Stella is the one in the back with the creepy hand touching her. 

 The day we brought her home! She was exactly 8 weeks old. Weighed 3 pounds. 

 She spent a lot of time snuggling at first! 

 10 weeks

 First encounter with her favorite Newfoundland in the neighborhood - Cosmo. 
We call him Stella's boyfriend. 
They chase each other around Cosmo's yard every single time we are on a walk. It is quite the anticipated event nowadays. 

Helping with the laundry.

She brought a large stick in from outside one night. 

Pink sweater when it was 5 below outside!

Most. Favorite. Thing. Ever. 

Eating bugs. 

For some unknown reason, she LOVES to peek between the stair railings at us. 

In love with the space heater.

Not very ladylike.

Her "twin sister" Zoe is her very best friend!

Happy birthday, baby Stella! We never ever knew how much fun having a dog would be! She is a lot of work, but she is a part of our family and we absolutely love her!