Go Grow Something!

This summer, I've been leading an online Bible study group through Good Morning Girls - check them out they are awesome! The contributors to GMG do so much work to prepare a new Bible study every 3 months for their readers to study together in small groups who "meet" every day through some form of social media.

The goal is for everyone to study the assigned verses on their own, and then check in with the group to let them know they've spent time in the Word and share some of their insights or questions about the study. This summer's study has been Proverbs 31, which has been really fun since our group is all young girls who have been married less than 3 years, so it is the perfect time for us to be studying about being virtuous, godly wives.

A few weeks ago, we studied the verse Proverbs 31:19, which says
 "She puts her hands to the distaff, and her hands hold the spindle."

Basically, the woman described in Proverbs 31 made her own cloth, in order to make clothes for her family! As sort of a fun little challenge, the GMG writers proposed that we think of something we could make ourselves as an alternative to paying the full price at a retail store, like the Proverbs 31 woman did with clothing.

So....long story all to say...my idea was to grow my own herbs!

This was a big step for me because I have killed every single plant I have ever come in contact with.

But, I always hate buying fresh herbs because they're so expensive, but there's really no beating their amazing flavor.

So full of fresh resolve to not kill these plants, I went to Lowe's later on that week and bought some grow-your-own herb kits that came with the pot, soil, and seeds all together. I came straight home and got to work planting my little herblings, and then set them out in the sun to grow, grow, grow!

My basil, cilantro, and parsley pot started growing after only a couple of days.
(sort of like this, but different...)
I started seeing little green sprouts that have continued to grow and multiply!

However, my strawberry plant never even sprouted at all. I kept watering and waiting and watching and, nothing.

So...about 3 days ago I was cutting up a honeydew melon I had gotten at the grocery store. As I was scraping out the seeds, I thought, I bet these seeds would do better than those dad gum strawberry seeds! 

And so I marched outside and dumped the seeds from the melon into the formerly-strawberry pot, covered them with a little bit of soil and watered them.
Honeydew Melon plants! This happened after only 3 days! THREE DAYS, people! 

This is a pretty huge accomplishment for me to still have plants alive. AND to have had such weird, great success with planting melon seeds??

Who knew you could just cut up some fruit and dump the seeds in some already used soil and have a ton of little sproutlings just a few days later?

So my little Proverbs 31 challenge has gone pretty well so far! Granted, none of these are big enough to harvest anything yet. And, I didn't even really consider that planting honeydew melon seeds would mean that eventually, if they don't die, I would have to transplant the melon plant somewhere else to allow them to keep growing. But - I'm pretty satisfied at this point with the tiny little green plantlings I have growing on my deck.