Real LIfe

As much as I love the blog world and find it so fun and interesting and inspiring...

sometimes blogging just drives me nuts

I know some people make their blog into pretty much a full time job, so there are some responsibilities to produce content most/every day and have pictures and recipes and giveaways and sponsors, and I get that. 

But sometimes...

...When I see a blogger who literally looks like every picture was taken in a perfectly clean home with a gorgeous designer kitchen that appears to not only have every upgrade possible, but also appears to never have had a single mess made in it whatsoever...

...Or when I see a blogger who seems to be baking cookies and cupcakes and fabulous meals EVERY DAY and posting beautiful pictures of their perfect batches of cookies and cupcakes and food, with pictures of every single ingredient and step by step instructions...

...Or when I see a blogger who seems to have purchased an entirely new wardrobe from J.Crew or Anthropologie since last week, and then post pictures that look like they should be in a magazine photo shoot with gorgeous lighting and, once again, the perfectly clean house/bedroom/living room with their brand new outfit and perfect hair and makeup, posing with precious animals or a beautiful, perfectly-behaved set of children...

Sometimes when I see all of that, I want to scream that THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE! 

Real life is a kitchen that looks like you just cooked a meal and used every dish, pan, and utensil you own.
Real life is a house that looks like people live there, instead of some gorgeous, never-been-touched movie set. 
Real life is not being able to afford to spend every dime you make on brand new outfits every week. 
Real life is not nearly that perfectly put together!

I'm not at all saying that I don't appreciate the awesome recipes or decorating or fashion ideas that come from blogs. They are, after all, meant to share our ideas and lives with the world.

BUT -  most of my favorite blogs are from people who live REAL lives that don't at all seem fake, and they confess that they were way too busy with real life to post for awhile. 
And they look like real people 
who are genuinely beautiful,
but every once in awhile they experience a windy day, and their hair gets ruined
or they even wear the same jeans they've had for 3 years.

Or, like me, they spent the entire weekend cleaning their house - and still didn't get everything clean, and didn't even bother with the upstairs or downstairs.

We don't have it all together.

Why do we think we have to act like we do? To impress people we've never even met?

Let's just be real, ok?