The Only Broccoli I Will Eat

I have been a life-long hater of broccoli.

The texture was gross, it smelled weird, and I didn't like the taste.

But, as you know we are trying to be more healthy eaters around here, and part of the territory is eating more vegetables, more frequently.

I thought, on a whim, I'll buy some broccoli and try it out. Why not? I've always hated it, but my husband kinda tolerates it, and I thought maybe I'd find a decent recipe that I could pretend to tolerate while choking down my least favorite vegetable.

So I made this recipe.

As soon as it was done and I took the first, marvelous, wonderful bite...

I took this picture:

And then I went and got my computer so I could blog about it right here and now.

It is that good. So so so good.

Crispy and crunchy and carmelized and tangy and WONDERFUL!

At this point I have eaten literally an entire head of broccoli.

But I did make a few changes to the recipe that I think were important:

1. I tossed the broccoli in olive oil and minced garlic in a large zip-loc baggy so I could shake it around and make sure it was evenly coated.

2. I baked them at the equivalent of 425 in my convection oven (so 400 degrees for me), for probably about 20 minutes. Then I took them out and threw on the lemon juice, lemon zest, basil, parmesan, and tiny, TINY bit of olive oil. Then I put them back in the oven for only a few minutes to let the additional flavors seep in, and to crisp it up a little bit more. I think this made a huge difference.

Try this as soon as possible!