High Five For Friday!

It's Friday!

I'm linkin' up again with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk to share my Top Five things from this week.

1. I got TWO cake topper orders this week for weddings that are on April 28 - meaning I had about 10 days to get the letters, make them, let them dry, and ship them so they could arrive in time. Thankfully this wasn't that busy of a week, because I got them both done and shipped out today!!

2. I had the morning off work yesterday, and it was a surprisingly nice and productive change of pace! I made breakfast, spent time with the Lord, went to the gym, showered and got ready, worked on a cake topper, and made a smoothie for lunch - All before noon!

3. I taught Stella how to shake! For some reason I have always thought this was the cutest dog trick ever. She is so smart, she caught on after just a few times (it doesn't take long to connect the dots when a treat is involved!). Now she tries to shake ALL the time, even when we don't tell her!

4. We went to our very first Sporting KC game to celebrate my little brother David's 12th birthday last weekend. It was a really fun atmosphere - I told Loren that soccer is a sport I can actually follow without getting confused! Plus, Sporting KC is doing extremely well this season, so it was fun to cheer on a team that is actually good!

5. In case you hadn't heard - we are going to Hawaii in May! We scored some awesome deals on flights, and this week we booked our hotels! We decided to take a couple days and enjoy the busy-city Honolulu life, and then the next few days to just relax and enjoy the beach. We are SO excited, now it just has to hurry up and get here!

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