DIY Glittered Animals

Recently, my fabulous friend Emily and I hung out while my husband was out of town. I had seen an idea on Pinterest to cover small animal figures in glitter, so we gathered some figurines and glittered away! 

This was SUPER easy and fun and the finished products turned out amazing. Keep reading to see pictures and a few instructions! 

 Here's our cast of characters! 

You will need: 

1. Figurines - pretty much any kind will work! We had a variety including ceramic, terra cotta, and plaster. They all worked! 
2. Glitter - any kind. Notice the beautiful Martha Stewart glitters above! They are awesome!
3. Newspaper to cover your working area - glitter is messy!
4. A tray/paper plates to shake glitter over to make reusing easier
5. A sponge paint brush
6. Elmer's glue or any kind of generic craft glue.
(Note the bunny above who suffered a failed attempt at this project with spray adhesive...
not a good idea.)
7. A spoon for glitter scooping!

How-To is easy: 

  • Put some glue on a paper plate.
  • Use your sponge brush to apply the glue on a fairly small section of your figurine. Apply sort of thick, but not too thick! Craft glue can get gloppy/runny if you put too much in one spot. 
  • Sprinkle some glitter over the same section. Be generous and make sure to cover the entire glued area. 
  • Shake the excess glitter off onto your re-use tray or plate. 
  • Repeat!

Finished terra cotta rabbit!
Me glittering and a shot of Emily's finished ceramic rabbit. 

Finished glittered plaster bird ($2.50 at Target!) and an un-glittered version for comparison. 

A glimpse of Emily's AMAZING ceramic deer.
I will let her give share the rest of the pics, but it turned out seriously beautiful!

See how much glitter was left over by sprinkling it over the plate? 

After we were done with the animals, we covered some cheap plastic easter eggs with glitter too! Aren't the cute!

I put my glitter rabbit on a table in my entry. It is the perfect springtime decoration!

Have fun glittering, everyone!