Update on Life

Basically, the only successful blog posting I've been doing recently is my weekly Pinterest faves. It's not that there isn't anything going on in my world - the problem is there is so much going on that I rarely have (or make, I guess) the time to sit down at my computer and write. 

But, I figured since it's Leap Day and everything, I shouldn't pass up this freebie to do a little update on what's been going on around here lately. 

  • Etsy sales have been through the roof lately! We got our 15th order for the year yesterday - that's FIFTEEN, people! I feel so blessed. I love making these cake toppers. My husband loves running the business side of this little operation.
We recently expanded our options to include Swarovski Crystals on the Pearl and Crystal toppers! I'm getting started on one of those this week and I can't wait to see how it turns out!! 

  • A couple of weeks ago I started a new Bible study on James with some old and new friends. SO many things I love about studying the Word with other women! It has been so fun getting together with friends that I grew to know and love through doing Bible studies together in college, and adding some girls who are currently in college. I'm not quite used to being one of the "older" ones. Plus having "homework" to do everyday helps keep me focused and gives something to chew on through the week. 

Through the process of this James study, Beth Moore challenged everyone to memorize the book of James over a series of several months. When I heard of this, I thought it was interesting that the Lord had put it on my heart at the beginning of this year to memorize Scripture. I invited all of my readers to participate with me in memorizing a new verse every 2 weeks of the year.
 I've had several of you join me, and I know I have been SO blessed by meditating and memorizing the 3 passages I've done so far this year. 
I began to pray about whether God would have me stop doing the system I'm currently using (2 verses a month) and start memorizing the whole book of James, or stay the course.
 Long story and several prayers later, I have decided to put memorizing James on hold until 2013, and keep memorizing 2 individual verses/passages each month. 

SO - tune in tomorrow for verse #4! 
I took a little break since February is kind of a short month, 
and honestly I had a really hard time keeping Jude 24-25 straight in my mind! 
But I think I got it now and I'm ready to start another one!

  • Over President's Day weekend, I decided I was sick of the home decor we had hanging on the walls in our kitchen. 
Right after we got married, we had gone to one store and bought a few small-ish pictures, 
used a gift card to buy a clock, and used a little shelf I'd had in college to piece together some wall decorations. 
My decor/design preferences are kind of always evolving, so I was ready to be out with the old and in with the new! 

My AMAZING husband went shopping with me for a whole long, rainy afternoon 
that was largely unsuccessful...
until we went to Hobby Lobby and hit the jackpot. 

He pretty much let me buy whatever I wanted, and then spent hours the next day drilling new holes, mudding and painting over the old holes, and hanging all the new stuff in the perfect spots.  

He is the best, seriously. 

We both decided we are definitely big fans of Hobby Lobby. 
It's honestly hard for me to decide what I love the MOST when I go into a Hobby Lobby, 
because I seriously feel like I want/could find a place for all of it in my home. 

Where do you shop for home decor? 

And if your answer is "thrift stores", I wish I could be more like you. I just...can't. 
I don't have the gift. 

This weekend, when I am actually home during good picture-taking lighting, 
I promise I will post some pics of the new additions to the kitchen walls!