Pinteresting Pins

My lovely friend, Emily posted her Top Ten Pins on Pinterest for the week. I loved looking at all of hers, so I decided I would do the same!

I'm a big fan of wreaths! I like that this one is bright green and fluffy!

I can't even tell you how in love my little nephew, Luke would be with this firetruck lamp! I'm going to try to keep my eye out for a way to make this for his 5th birthday! Shh, don't tell! 

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

I really love the pretty grey dress and the combination of colors in this. 
Makes me wish it was summer!

Oats + strawberries + bananas + CHOCOLATE + nuts

Thinking about making some of these for spring/summer decoration. I love the texture!

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

My husband and I have been having conversations about white trim work and moulding in our house, and I really love the clean, crispness of the white against the dark grey walls and bold, black table. And, I like the unique light fixture.

My sister told me about how good this is, and I finally found the recipe for it on Pinterest this week! I am excited to try it! Lemons make me think of summer, which I am ready for. 
Have I mentioned that yet?
It's not even March yet. 
This happens every year. 

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

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How cute is that? 

A little girls' dream playhouse, right?