High Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!

Here's my Top Five for the week:

1. Last Sunday, we had our first community group meeting at our house! We had one couple come, which we were fully expecting would think it was kind of lame that they were the only ones and bow out. But instead, we ended up having one of the best conversations about what God was doing in all of our lives that I think I've ever had. It was such a blessing and encouragement and such a great time of real connection with them. We were so blown away with how God moved and worked and we are so looking forward to the rest of the semester with them (and any others, should they decide to join us)!

2. The GORGEOUS weather this week was definitely on the top five! Four absolutely beautiful days in a row - made me wonder why I'm paying for a gym membership? Oh yeah, because it's February and surely 60 degree weather can't happen every day, right?

3. We have been thinking about getting a fence to corral our precious little schnauzer, who happens to think she owns the entire neighborhood and just graciously allows everyone else to live there. However - through a fortunate series of events and conversations my husband had with our neighbor, we found out that the previous owners of our house already installed an Invisible Fence just a few years ago! We called the company and had a guy come out and got it working again for literally an extremely small fraction of what it would have cost to build a fence.

4. Then, get this: the same neighbor that clued us in about the fence came over the next day and gave us two Invisible Fence collars that they weren't using anymore! For FREE! We seriously could not believe how fortunate and blessed we were to have all of this work out SO perfectly and inexpensively!

5. Went on a fabulous date with my sweet husband tonight. We dropped the pup off at the parents-in-law and went to dinner, a movie, and frozen yogurt! It was so fun to hang out just the two of us and enjoy some time together. We always have fun hanging out at home, but for some reason sometimes it's just good to get away and go out for an evening.

That's my top five for this week!
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