We are pretty pathetic around here these days.

Stella got spayed on Thursday. The vet assured us that once we picked her up on Friday, she would be totally fine, no worries.

Let's just say that she's been doing a whole lot of this...

For about three days. 

Poor baby. 

They shaved almost her whole little tummy, and now it itches. Plus it hurts to jump. And then she gets scared because she hurts and she doesn't know why. And then it itches again. 
So we've done a lot of lounging. 

Plus, on Thursday I came home early from work because I felt a little nauseated and fatigued. I figured I was just trying to come down with something and needed to sleep it off. 

Well, I definitely had already come down with whatever it was
because I was sicker than a dog
(no pun intended. well, ok, yes it was.) 
for the rest of eternity the night. 

*I'll tell you what it was - awful. 

Friday I felt ok, but not good enough to go to work, so I stayed home and slept all day with Stella. We were sick, pathetic, miserable little girls that day. 
Poor Loren had never seen two women so sick in his life. 
To be honest with you, I'm not even sure what he did most of those two days I was sick, except be the nurse for me and the dog. 

Have I ever told you that he's the best person in the whole entire world? 

But I'm happy to report that I am back at full speed, and able to eat real food now. 

And, I've sold a total of FIVE cake toppers so far! It has been such a fun little adventure to begin making and selling these, and I have really been thrilled at how it has taken off so well and so quickly! Spread the word!