High Five for Friday!

It's time for High Five for Friday again! Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk.

Here we go!

1. It was so good to be back and worship at Eagle Creek Church on Sunday. After the busyness of the holidays, it was refreshing to be back with our church body. As a church body we are spending some concentrated time this coming week praying and fasting for spiritual growth and renewal, and for unprecedented numbers of people coming to make Jesus Lord in their lives in 2012. I'm excited to participate and see how God moves!

2. Hard to believe, but stores are already clearing out their winter stock to make room for spring - which means winter stuff is going on clearance! Kind of ironic, considering we got the first snow of the season this week, and the forecast this weekend is temps in the 50s again! It doesn't even feel like we've had winter yet, much less for it to be almost over and start thinking about shorts! But - in the meantime, I scored some awesome clearance deals on a couple sweaters and jackets!

3. Bad news first: our Vornado space heater died. Great news: my awesome husband called the company, and since it was under warranty, they are sending us a new one. In the meantime, my awesome husband fixed the old space heater - so now we have two! Hooray! Just in time for it to drop 50 degrees and dump snow on us!

4. My sweet little puppy has been extra snuggly this week. Maybe because of the cold temperatures. Who really knows with a dog? This morning, while I was reading my Bible she curled up in a little tiny ball in my lap and burrowed her little head in my arms. Made my morning a little bit sweeter!

5. God did something really cool today. Unfortunately, I have a friend who has had an extremely rough last few days. As I was reading through Philippians this morning, I was reminded of her and praying for her. We were texting back and forth later in the morning, and I shared with her the verses I had been reading and praying over her. She responded that she really needed to hear those verses. I was kind of amazed, not because I had said something really cool at all, please do not get me wrong. But I was amazed at how the Lord had truly spoken to me during time in His Word, and it wasn't because I necessarily needed to read those verses - it was because someone in my life needed me to read those verses so that she could be encouraged. I was so humbled that the Lord had seen fit to use His Word for someone else through me today. We need to know Scripture because people around us need it. Sometimes it's just not about me at all.

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