App Review : ZipList

One of my favorite new App finds lately has been ZipList. It keeps track of recipes AND your grocery list for you, so you never have to get to the grocery store and realize you 1) forgot your list, or 2) forgot to make a list (that's me).

Plus, it has an extensive collection of recipes, and a lot of the healthy/low-fat/diet food blogs have loaded their recipes to the ZipList database, so you can always find something that is full of natural, good-for-you ingredients. New recipes from new bloggers and recipe websites are added daily, so there are constantly new recipes to try out. Through ZipList, I have found SkinnyTasteRecipeGirl,  Laa Loosh, which are three amazing food blogs with great recipes!

 In addition, when you find a recipe you like, you can choose to save it to your list, and ZipList will pull up a list of the ingredients and let you pick which ones you need to pick up at the store, and then automatically add those things to your grocery list so it's ready for you when you get to the store! You never have to wander around the grocery store, trying to remember what was in that recipe you were wanting to make (again, me).

The phone app is nice because is allows you to mark things off your list as you're shopping, without having to find a pesky pen or pencil while you're shopping. If you choose your grocery store on the website, it allows you to organize your list by section, so when you access your list on your phone, the items are already in the order you find them in the store! Amazing

Ok, and here is my favorite part of the whole thing. ZipList offers a little bookmark button similar to the "Pin It" button that allows you to clip recipes from all over the internet and add it to your recipe box or shopping list.

So, really, I don't have any negative things to say about ZipList. I pretty much love it and use it all the time!

Disclaimer: ZipList has no idea who I am, nor did they ask for me to say nice things about them or talk about how much I use/like their app. The opinions expressed are purely my own and no one else's. I did not receive any type of money or encouragement from ZipList or any affiliated partners for expressing my opinion. That's all!