Wrapping Up Thankfulness

My goodness, is it already December? Thankfulness month is over? I feel like I was just getting started!
I don't really feel like doing the regular format. I'm in more of a stream of consciousness mood, and since there's only four left, here we go:
I'm so thankful for the gift of friendship. I know that I fall so short in this category myself, and I let myself get consumed with my life and time and schedule and to-do list that I don't make time to be intentional with the people I care about. But I am especially thankful for friends who stick with me and are forgiving and understanding, and who still love me despite my flaws.
I'm also thankful for all the dinners and breakfasts and puppy-sitting that my husband's parents provide for us. Seriously, we are so spoiled by them! They are always inviting us over to eat with them, or letting us drop the dog off at their house if we are going to be gone all day. My mother-in-law has bailed me out of many an evening or Sunday-afternoon where I failed at meal-planning. Sometimes I feel like saying "Thank you for..." is quite enough, but I am incredibly grateful!
I'm thankful that my husband, the bargain-hunter, has pretty much either purchased or planned to purchase nearly all of our Christmas gifts already! Sometimes I feel like it's really hard to work full time and do ANYTHING else - I'm either at work, on my way to or from work, or cooking dinner/cleaning up/doing laundry/whatever else, and there definitely isn't a whole lot of spare time. Earlier this week, we realized that we were pretty much completely out of food, because all the Thanksgiving festivities had prevented us from making it to the store over the weekend. I have had stuff going on almost every evening so far this week, so yesterday, Loren went to the grocery store for us to re-stock on all the essentials. He is a champ! He bails me out of my planning-failures a lot, too.
And finally, I'm so thankful for the blessed life that the Lord has given me. It is so, so much better than I deserve to have. And I'm thankful for the lessons that this Thankfulness Challenge has taught me over the last month. It is convicting to realize how ungrateful my heart can be at times. I've learned that it is a good test of my heart to see how easily I can come up with things I am thankful for. I've also begun to realize how much grace is present in my day-to-day life, and I've begun to watch for things to be thankful for. Be intentional about being thankful. Be thankful in advance. These are important disciplines to hang on to.