I've Been Busy!

Actually, that's kind of an understatement.

My sister got married on Saturday!

One of my favorite pictures of the day - captured by our favorite hair-stylist, Rosa! Look how gorgeous my sister is!  

It was my second-most-favorite wedding ever, only because my own will forever be my most favorite wedding ever. I'm just gonna be partial like that.

I was the matron of honor. I had to leave my house at 6:30 a.m. Pictures were at 9 a.m. The wedding was at 11:30 a.m. I ate so much wonderful wedding food, I felt sick. Then, I gave a toast to the bride and groom and told some funny stories about my sister. Then, I ate a Sheridan's Custard sundae with strawberries and chocolate. Yum.

With all the non-stop celebrating, I woke up on Monday feeling gross. I went to work, but only made it two hours before I felt like I had a fever and headed back home, so as to avoid infecting all of my co-workers.

With the spare time I suddenly had on my hands, I decided to update the look of the blog a little bit!

A little bit kind of turned into an overhaul. I guess I'm a perfectionist, but unfortunately I'm not exactly an expert in the blogosphere, especially when it comes to html script and such.

I will not be writing any tutorials on changing the look of your blog anytime soon.

But, I persevered and figured it out enough to install a new template, layout, and header! Hope you like it as much as I do!

I woke up today, still a little feverish and stomach-achy, so I figured I shouldn't risk it again with the whole infecting-others situation.

So today, with my spare time, I posted my very first listing on Etsy!

I made my own cake topper (above) for our wedding by hand-gluing rhinestones on a swirly S. I absolutely loved making something special for our cake that was high quality, not cheesy, and that I could use again as a decoration! I still put ours in our Christmas tree every year!

I've made several more for friends and family, including my sister's W (below) with pearls and rhinestones to match her beautiful cake!

I decided I might as well put this little hobby to good use and make them for everyone!

Since they are completely custom-made, I can make them in any letter, or number. They can be small-ish or large (about 6 inches, as seen in both above photos), and can also be done in different color rhinestones or pearls - or both! The results are always gorgeous as the custom, handmade design really makes them stand out above the little cheapy ones you can find at craft stores!

If you have an upcoming wedding or anniversary, or know anyone who might be looking for a gorgeous cake topper, please send them to my Etsy Shop. There will always be a link at the top of the blog that goes directly to my shop, as well.

Coming up: I bought lots of new makeup to use for the wedding.
Unfortunately, none of it shipped in time for me to use it at the wedding...
so instead I'll be putting it to good use showing you some of my FAVORITE products and techniques!