High Five For Friday!

Some of my favorite bloggers, Kate at The Small Things Blog, and her sister Lauren at From My Grey Desk do a fun little thing called High Five For Friday, where you list your top five favorite things from the week.

I decided to link up with them and join in the weekly High Five for Friday fun! I love stuff like this! It reminds me of one of my favorite games to play as an ice-breaker where everyone says their high (and sometimes low, if you're looking for everyone to get a little deeper) of the week and why. I LOVE learning about people that way - it just says so much about how a person works when you hear about something great or bad that happened to them and how it affected them.

But anyway, I digress... High Five for Friday here we go!

1. I felt a little feverish on Monday, so I came home early from work and got an unexpected day off! The next day I was still feverish and achy and just not 100%, so I stayed home again! Not gonna lie, it was kind of nice. I was sick enough that I needed to rest and take it easy at home, but not too sick where I was stuck in bed, miserable the whole time. So thanks to my teensy-weensy sickness, I was highly productive and caught up on all kinds of things I needed/wanted to get done around the house!

2. On a completely random whim, my husband and I decided to get a quote to get granite overlays for our kitchen counters. We assured each other beforehand that we weren't really even being serious about it, just having the salesperson come out and give us a quote, and then politely tell them no thanks.

They're being installed the Wednesday after Christmas...! Hooray!! Which color do you think we ended up choosing? I'll post the big reveal when it happens!

3. Made the decision at work this week to cut back my hours a little bit so I can spend more time at home. It's been rough the last few months to feel like I'm constantly going and never have any time to rest until the weekends, which inevitably fill up with activities that can't happen during the work week. I decided it wasn't worth wearing myself out, so I worked it out with my boss to leave sometime after 3:00 every day. I've been home before 4:30 both yesterday and today, and I already feel more refreshed and relaxed about life in general.

4. The hubs and I and the pup went for a walk this afternoon when I got home! It was so lovely - really brisk and chilly but it felt so good to get out of the stuffy indoors and move around! Stella was so thrilled to be out and about that she barked at every dog and person she could find, and sniffed every inch of all the yards she had missed so much. Yay for sunny, crisp winter days!

5. Loren gave Stella the very last of the peanut butter jar and she literally licked the thing to death! It was quite the treat, and pretty funny to watch her go to town with it. Humor me by looking at these pictures:

I love the peanut butter that's smeared on her little black nose in that last one. Kills me! 

If you want to join in on the High Five For Friday, be sure to link up to From My Grey Desk!