DIY Paper Cone Christmas Trees

This weekend I threw a personal shower/tea party for my sister, who is getting married next Saturday! I wanted to do an extremely-girly-tea-party-meets-Christmas type of theme, so of course glittery, pink Christmas trees were in order! 

I found the idea for these on Pinterest, but modified them to make them smaller, easier, and quicker to put together. Here's how I did it!

I used an 8.5"x11" piece of glittery, thick material that I found right next to the felt at Hobby Lobby. You could probably use a piece of really stiff felt if you wanted, or you could use scrapbook paper. Just make sure it will stand up to hot glue! This stuff was perfect!

With the glittery side down, pull the top right-hand corner toward the middle of the sheet, forming a cone. Holding it in place, use a pen to make a little mark where it meets. HINT - you can make these bigger or smaller, but I usually tried to make sure I was folding/marking toward the exact middle of the sheet. Hope that wasn't too confusing. 

If you need a guide, you can then use your pen to continue your line all the way up to the top of the sheet. The more of these you make, the less you will need to do this, but it does help with the next step:

Using your trusty glue gun, put a strip of hot glue all the way down the line from the top to wherever you made your first mark. 

Quickly re-fold back into the cone shape and hold into place until the glue cools and dries a little bit. Should only take a few seconds. 

Starting from the tip of the cone, put a strip of hot glue all the way down the rest of the top edge of the material. Make sure the glue is as close as possible to the edge of the material - otherwise you will have a little flap that will have to be glued down later. 

Now carefully fold the rest of the material to complete the cone. Make sure to press the seam with the hot glue so it lays flat against the cone. 

As you can see, we aren't quite done yet! The cone will taper down at the end, so we need to finish the bottom.

Flatten the bottom of your cone so the jagged edges are up against the finished edge you want, and then take a pair of scissors and cut along the same line. 

 You will probably have to do a little extra trimming to make sure the edges all match and the cone stands up straight.

 Here is the finished product! I apologize for the mess in the background. I was in the middle of creating Bachelorette Land in my kitchen.

These little guys are so versatile! They will stand up on their own, or you can shove them on top of a candle stick or goblet or whatever you can find to use as a stand. As you can see, that's what I did for the party. 

I love how they turned out! Coupled with some tulle Christmas trees which were ALSO incredibly easy, it created the perfect whimsical, girly, sparkly atmosphere I was going for.

Have fun with these! I'd love to see some variations in size and colors or patterns! The possibilities are endless!