Well, I'm a little late getting started, but I really like the idea of taking every day in November to highlight something I'm thankful for. Honestly, I like the idea of doing this for every day of my life, not just November, because I think having a grateful heart produces a humble heart, which is something that pleases God (Psalm 149:4).

Instead of just posting a facebook status every day, I decided I'm going to put myself to a little blogging challenge and post about what I'm thankful for every day. Ta da! Two birds with one stone.

I have a little bit of catch up to do, considering today is November 8. We'll call it being fashionably late.

November 1 : I'm thankful for ... Coffee. It wins the award for my most favorite liquid beverage. I guess I'm equally as thankful for coffee creamer and all the fun flavors it comes in, such as Peppermint Mocha. I currently have 5 bottles in my refrigerator (no, I am not joking.)

November 2 : I'm thankful for ... all the AMAZING weather we have been having this fall! I honestly can't remember a fall with so many nice, sunny, crisp & cheery days. Plus, the nice, dry weather has been a major perk in making sure a little puppy gets fully potty-trained!

November 3 : I'm thankful for ... my sweet, funny husband. I am crazy about him. I think he is hilarious. I love his big heart and his quirky mind that comes up with the nuttiest things to say that ALWAYS make me laugh. I am amazed that the Lord graciously allowed me to find him. He is the greatest example of what Jesus is like in my life. I love you, Loren!

November 4 : I'm thankful for ... my cuddly puppy, Stella. She has EXCEEDED all of our expectations for getting a pet. Potty training has been an absolute breeze. Her little playful personality and antics keep us laughing and entertained all the time. And when she is sleepy, she is the BEST cuddler!

November 5 : I'm thankful for ... our home. We are blessed beyond measure with our house - especially as our first home! I will admit, when Loren first bought the house, it was old and needed a lot of work and updating, and I was not so crazy about it. But now that most of the updating has been done, I absolutely love it, and I am so amazed and thankful that the Lord provided for us so abundantly.

November 6 : I'm thankful for ... Food Blogs! Seriously, without them I think we would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cereal for every meal. I like cookbooks, don't get me wrong, but I am just not the type of person that can look through a cookbook and figure out from the ingredients and description what would be good or not. But the delicious looking pictures and tutorials, coupled with endorsements by someone who ate it and loved it enough to share are what persuade me to try out new recipes. Since we've only been married a year and a half, I wouldn't say I have very many go-to favorite recipes, yet. But...slowly, but surely I am learning (and often majorly failing) my way through the cooking world, and encouraged by the stay-at-home-moms and housewifes who cook and blog and cook and blog and make it look so appealing. Here are some of the food blogs I follow: Gracious Pantry (Clean Eating)

The Pioneer Woman

Two Peas and Their Pod

Kitchen Thymes

Skinny Crock Pot

November 7 : I'm thankful for ... getting to reconnect and spend time with a great friend from college! My friend Lauren and I were RA's together at SBU. We became close friends through falling in love with our then-boyfriends,now-husbands at pretty much exactly the same time, and lots of car rides from Bolivar to Kansas City and back. Sweet memories. Now we are both married and have puppies and houses and full time jobs and can totally relate to each other's lives, but we live at least 3 hours apart. It was a fun surprise to be able to spontaneously get together while she was in town yesterday. It is so very sweet to have a friendship that withstands distance and lots of time without seeing or talking to each other.

November 8 : I'm thankful for ... our community group. There honestly is nothing more encouraging and inspiring than hearing and watching Jesus become Lord over people's hearts and lives. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in His Church and how He is bringing people to Himself. My part is so very small, but it has a GREAT view!

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