Thankfulness Day 17

November 17 : I'm thankful for ... a random act of kindness shown to me today. One of my co-workers brought me a dark chocolate mocha from Caribou Coffee (one of my favorites!) just because she wanted to. No occasion, not even a good reason. She just did, because she felt like it. She had heard me talk about Caribou Coffee probably months ago, and the grocery store she shops at just opened one inside the store, so she called me as soon as I got into work and asked what my favorite drink was from there.

To be honest, I was a little stunned. Humbled, for sure. Her niceness completely disarmed my bad attitude about the fact that it was only Thursday and I was ready for the weekend and I didn't want to work all day and blah blah blah. I had spent the morning griping and complaining (mostly to myself) about what a bummer of a day it was surely going to be. And then, I was completely surprised by an act of unexpected niceness. 

It made me think -- how often am I unexpectedly nice? Sure, I can be nice, friendly, warm. But do I ever catch someone completely off guard by being really, genuinely, surprisingly nice? It sure made my day today. It convicted me and stopped me dead in my tracks of a bad attitude.

And how often am I so generous with someone who is merely an acquaintance? Sure, we see each other at work, but what if I was more giving? Authentic, from-the-heart, just-because-I-wanted-to giving? No strings attached. No expectations. Generous.

I'm thankful today that I was given a glimpse of how just blind I can be sometimes to my own flesh.

On a side note, I'm also thankful for my little dog who just ran into the kitchen after her toy and literally went skating across the entire room.
Love her!