Thankfulness 20 & 21

November 20 : I'm thankful for ... a little Sunday afternoon date with my man. We had been in go mode all weekend long, and even though we had lots to do on Sunday, we decided to go out for lunch by ourselves and just hang out together. It was short and I'm thankful for the fun I have with him.

November 21 : I'm thankful for ... lots of things today:

1) Everyone who works in my office had a potluck Thanksgiving dinner today for lunch. Crock-pots and family recipes galore. It was all wonderful. But I was mostly thankful that the supervising manager of the entire division gathered everyone together before we ate and expressed his thankfulness to God for Jesus Christ and his work on the cross. I am so thankful that he was bold enough to proclaim the name and the work of Christ unashamedly, among his peers and employees who might not have agreed or appreciated it.

2) That I have finally gotten to the place with working out that it literally can lift my mood and make me feel BETTER - not worse. As soon as I got off work, I knew that I needed to go for a jog, or I would feel tired and cranky for the rest of the night. Sure enough - it was exactly what I needed. I am SO thankful for the progress I have made in fitness and health in the past year. It has all been worth it.

3) Pretty Christmas decorations! I put my Christmas tree up last night and finished decorating it tonight. I'm a little partial, but I just absolutely love it. We used several of the ornaments as decorations for our wedding, so it seems extra-special when I can get them all back out every year and decorate our tree with them.