What a Day...

If I had to choose one word to sum up today, I might have to choose Memorable.

Let me back up a little bit before today....

On Saturday evening, we got word that my grandma was not doing well after having surgery earlier in the week. She had been struggling with various health issues for quite some time, but this most recent bout of health issues seemed to be a little bit more grave. After surgery (to insert a feeding tube), she was extremely weak and seemed to be declining instead of improving. Saturday afternoon things moved from bad to worse as she became non-responsive. We know now that her poor, sick body was filling with infection. She passed at 11:00pm on Saturday night, September 24.

It was sad to see her go. But it was pretty hard to be sad for her, because the moment after she took her last breath here on earth, she was face to face with Jesus, her savior. Her pain and sickness instantly vanished and she was immediately healed -- in the best way!

So today was her funeral service - which was a beautiful and fitting celebration of her life on earth and especially her life in Christ. Funerals of your own family members are interesting, because they bring back all kinds of nostalgic memories that have been tucked away somewhere in your mind. While the congregation was singing today, and my aunt's beautiful voice rang the loudest and most pure of anyone's, I was filled with memories of hearing that voice as a little girl. I loved it today more than ever. And I marveled at the special strength given to my Dad as he spoke and shared memories of Grandma, and then boldly proclaimed the Gospel message. I have always said this about my Dad, and it was especially true today - He always knows just what to say.

After the funeral service was over, the events of the day became a little bit more strange.

Upon arrival at the burial site, we watched as the hearse and funeral home limousines pulled up to the grave. The drivers of the limousines were an older couple who worked for the funeral home. The older lady - we'll call her Bernie - stepped out of the limo straight into a pothole, and completely wiped out on the street. We saw it happen, but she got up and appeared to be okay. As the pall bearers were preparing to move the casket, we noticed that Bernie was sitting in the car asking for some ice. The next thing we know, Bernie is passing out and sliding out of the car onto the street! Of course this creates a little bit of panic among the people standing around, and several people run to her aid. Someone called 911, they got Bernie to lay down with someone's suit jacket folded up as a pillow. Panic subsides. Graveside service begins. Firetruck comes blaring into the cemetery with lights and sirens. Firetruck realizes there is a graveside service going on. Firetruck turns off lights and sirens. Turns out Bernie had broken her wrist when she fell, and possibly hit her head. Thankfully, she has a son who is a doctor, so the paramedics took her to his hospital. She will be just fine.

After all the family had lunch together, we divided up the flower arrangements that had been sent by various friends. We took a cute little pot of various green ferns and succulents. We got in the car and headed to Loren's parents' house to pick up our little girl dog. We chatted on the front porch for awhile, and then decided to head home and take a much-needed nap.

I picked up my little puppy. I walked to the car. I reached for the door handle, and as I started to open the door, I noticed the weather strip along the car window was actually a SNAKE, which immediately started SLITHERING around the car window!!! Yes, I screamed. Yes, I ran. My husband didn't believe me at first, but it was undeniably an awful, slithering, nasty snake. IN THE CAR. Somehow, in my screaming/running/freaking out, I had managed to slam the door on the snake, so it was stuck with it's head inside the car, and the rest of it's body in between the car doors.

There was much deliberating about how to handle this situation. I suggested calling animal control. Loren and Wyatt found some grill tongs. Conveniently, right around this time, one of the neighbors was getting home. So of course, we asked her for help. Then, some of the other neighbors got home, and came over to see what was going on.

To be honest, it was about that time I bolted inside the house because I did not want to be anywhere even remotely close by when that snake got free. So, I think the two neighbor ladies got the snake out of the car with the tongs, and then the neighbor guy took it out to a gravel road nearby. Now that I think about it, we probably owe them all a steak dinner. And some new grill tongs for my in-laws.

So yeah, I think memorable is the word for the day. I know one thing - the next time someone tries to give me a flower arrangement, I think I might have to pass.