Guess what?

We got a puppy!

Her name is Stella. Also known as Stella Lou, Stelly, Steller, and other variations of her name that seem cute at the time.

She is a miniature schnauzer. She is 8 weeks old today! We brought her home last Thursday night, which - according to the dog-training book I've been reading "Family Dog" - was the EXACT DATE in her life that she needed to be separated from her litter and brought to our home in order to establish a healthy dog-to-owner relationship. Win.(I think?)

When we first brought her home she did a whole lot of nothing. In fact the first night she didn't make a peep and only needed to go outside once! However, in the week that we have had her, we have seen her exuberant little puppy personality come to life!

Fortunately, in only a week we seem to have turned a little bit of a corner in Stella sleeping through the night without whining and whimpering for hours on end. Her momma and daddy are VERY happy about that!

We are immensely enjoying this puppy-parenthood stuff. Even the lack of sleep and demands on our time don't seem too bad, because she's just so darn cute and loving and cuddly and playful!

And the BEST part has been - Stella came to us already potty trained! At 7 weeks old, we were not quite sure what to think when the breeder told us that her dogs come home potty trained. But truly as I live and breath, she hasn't had a single accident in the house! Of course, we have been extremely proactive and taking her out and letting her spend lots of time outside, but it sure has gone a long way in helping us enjoy the first week with a new puppy when she consistently does her business in the grass instead of the carpet!

Stella has brought lots of laughter and cuddle time and good parenthood training for us! We are so thankful for such a fun little addition to our family!
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