Blogging Fail

I really had the best of intentions. I had visions of having this highly popular blog where I told stories about my fabulous, interesting, hilarious, beautiful life and everyone loved it and couldn't get enough and I had to hire a staff to even keep up with the volume of comments and emails, blah blah blah.

But let's be honest, here. I got a little busy. Life happened. The past two months have literally felt like one never-ending celebration of nearly everything in our entire world.

My little niece, Julia Clare was born on May 4th.

I was in two weddings. Of which I curiously have no pictures...

We spent a weekend in Branson with family.

Nearly every member of both sides of our family had a birthday!

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by taking a trip to San Antonio!

And then topped it all off with the 4th of  July!

It's been quite the summer so far!