World Traveler in Training

With almost a year of this marriage thing under our belts, we have begun the process of planning our summer vacation/anniversary celebration trip. It's technically the first vacation we've tried to actually plan together, since we used a travel agent for our honeymoon and went to a resort that provided all our meals. All-inclusive is fun, but we were looking for a more go-and-do trip this time instead of lounging around and eating for a week straight.

We have tried to begin the process long before now, but after many nights staring at Google earth maps and randomly reading about hotels and US cities on TripAdvisor and other travel websites, we kind of gave up and decided there was no place like home.


A few weeks ago, I noticed that Loren was pretty captivated by a commercial on TV that used lots of different objects to make noises into a "song." It reminded me of a few years ago when my family had gone to see STOMP. It started me thinking that Loren would probably REALLY love to see a performance of STOMP live - it is a pretty remarkable experience. I was pretty sure they weren't coming to Kansas City anytime soon, so I glanced over the tour schedule and noticed they were going to be in Nashville, TN over our anniversary weekend. Perfect! Anniversary getaway + something exciting to do while we're there + a fun city to explore for a few days = win.

So we both have told our bosses that we are planning to take a few days off, and we got all excited about road-trippin it to Nashville, and Loren was pretty excited about going to see STOMP (I can say that because I'm the one writing this, and he would agree with me). We sat down after dinner tonight to figure out when to leave, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, etc. We got ALL THE WAY to finding a good hotel in Nashville and figuring out other activities we wanted to do while we were there, when we went to the STOMP website to nail down when and where the performances were that weekend... Memphis, Tennessee.

Of course my first reaction was to think that the tour dates must have switched or something, because surely, SURELY I did not go to the website, find the tour schedule, scour it for the right weekend, and then get the location wrong. Uh, nope, it was definitely me.

Loren, bless his heart, tried to make me feel better by seeing how far it would be to just go to Memphis for the show and still keep all the Nashville plans we'd worked on.

I'd just like to let you know that Memphis and Nashville are literally nowhere near each other whatsoever. Trust us, we Google Mapped it and that thing does not lie.

So, thanks to my exceptional attention to detail, we are currently in the process of doing some "tweaking" or "adjusting" to the vacation plans. Don't worry though! If all else fails, we still have the number for that travel agent somewhere.