What a week! It's been a long time since I've had a week this busy! Monday and Tuesday were full of wedding shower festivities and hair-coloring festivities for the upcoming weddings of my friends Lauren and Sarah!

This is my sweet Lauren:

We go way back to even pre-college days. There have been a ton of great memories and experiences with this girl! 

Case in point. But really, we have been such sweet friends for years and years, and we have walked so through much of life together. It is so special to be part of her big day next week!!

This is my little Sarah: 

Sarah and I have been mistaken for sisters more than once! We share a love for pink, blingy, shiny, sparkly things and when we are together there is a lot of laughter! It is an honor to be part of HER special day in three weeks, and to throw her a fun polka-dot bridal shower today! 

So, obviously, I have been in the midst of wedding world once again. I'm ok with wedding world, because we got to be good friends last year when I was planning my own big day. But sometimes wedding world and full time job and keeping up a house and taking care of a husband don't all mesh together very well, you know? Learning how to balance working and all the other responsibilities that come with real life has been a big transition - some days/weeks I do better than others at doing it all. 

But...here comes my super hero husband to save the day! Seriously, I don't know what I would have done without him this week! In the midst of this whole crazy busy whirlwind of activity, he has not complained even ONE time about anything!  Plus, around Wednesday of this week when 1) I hadn't been home the past two days except to sleep and get ready for work in the mornings, and 2) we were out of almost everything in our refrigerator and had nothing to eat, Loren surprised me by re-stocking us on yogurt and milk and cereal, since he knew I wouldn't have time to go to the store in awhile. He's taken such good care of me and had such a good attitude while I'm going a million miles an hour.
Seriously, this guy is the GREATEST! He wins the prize this week!