First Things First

I'm Hannah Shanks.

That is me. 

And that is me with my precious husband, Loren. He is hilarious. 

We were married on June 25, 2010. It's been 10 of the best, sweetest, most fun months of my entire life. Marriage has been one of the greatest gifts, and one of the best decisions we ever made. 

I can say "we" because I'm the one writing, and I'm sure he would agree with me. 

WE are blessed beyond measure with wonderful families who live close by.  We have a beautiful house that Loren bought before we were even engaged, and spent the next year renovating and updating. We both work full-time - I work as an assistant to financial advisors, and Loren is a salesman for a food service equipment company. In our spare time, we like to take walks, watch movies (sometimes documentaries, but not nerdy ones), and hang out with our families and friends. 

I like to cook and be crafty and bargain hunt, and as of right now I am adding blogging to my list of hobbies. 

Something you should definitely know about me is that I live my life for the glory and pleasure of God. When I was six, I realized that, because of my sin, I needed to place my trust in Jesus and give Him my life in order to be right with God. Without Jesus, life is wasted and leads to an eternity of torture. 
I have found that life with Jesus is not easy, but oh man, it is worth it.