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Lottie is 11 Months (And First Pumpkin Patch)!

 Our little Lottie Jean is 11 months old! I feel like this may have been the fastest month of my life so far. Time most definitely speeds up when you have a little one - and especially when your little one is a very busy girl! 

Lottie is all kinds of talkative these days, and her babbling is starting to sound a lot more like words. We know for sure in her vocabulary are Dada, Mama, Yes or Yeah, and Hi (always accompanied by a wave)! She can shake her head no and is working on nodding. She mimics all kinds of sounds and inflection that she hears us making, and we have even heard her mimicking tunes that we are singing! We know she understands what "No" means now, because she has started pitching a fit whenever she hears it! 

  Lottie now has her top two middle teeth and her bottom two middle teeth, and she is working on some more! Her hair has started getting a little bit more substantial in the past few weeks, too. She is still wearing 18-24 month clothes and in the last week or two is tall enough to reach into the refrigerator when it is open. 

Earlier this month I spent 2 weekends in a row at business events for Young Living, so Lottie got to hang out with Daddy and her grandparents for those days! I missed my little munchkin, but I know it was so good for her to be a little bit independent from me and be taken care of by others who love her. Since I stay home with her and we spend our days together, she is very attached and very much a Mama's girl. While I love that, it totally warms my heart to see her wanting and asking to go to Daddy these days, because they totally bonded while I was away. 

It is fun and makes me a little sad that Lottie is rapidly turning into a toddler and becoming less and less of a baby each day. Her will is STRONG and we are realizing that it is very much time to start implementing discipline and training to mold her into a person who respects and understands authority. She is very spirited and independent, curious, and smart as a whip! Daddy has been teaching her how to take a few steps with help from him or her little walker toy. It has been amazing to watch how quickly she figured out how! She used her walker toy to cruise all the way across our living room this past week - much to her delight! We think her favorite part about doing that is the celebration and praise we give her! 

Loren's birthday was this past week, so today we went with my whole family to a pumpkin patch to celebrate. Lottie was quite fascinated by all the animals at the petting zoo! Jersey cows, llamas, sheep, goats, a bull, and a burro. No surprise because this girl loves animals and is starting to learn their sounds. We took a hayride and then "tailgated" for lunch out of Grammy's trunk, where we were all pestered by bees that were interested in our food, and all the kids were terrified of being stung. Miraculously, no one was stung and minimal emotional scarring took place. 
I know I'm her mama and all, but I think she is beautiful.

Next month our little pumpkin turns ONE!

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How the Mama App is Making the World a Better Place

I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for cheap, cute accessories. Since I was a little girl myself, I have loved all things sparkly, frilly, feminine - bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair bows, etc. And the cheaper they are, the better! When I was in college, I discovered an entire store that sold $1 Jewelry and it was my favorite place ever and I shared it with every person who was important to me. 

We decided to be surprised by the gender when we had Lottie, so once I knew she was a girl I was over the moon excited about all things hair bows and headbands and frilly baby things! One of my cousins told me over Christmas about the Mama App and how they had really cute & cheap hair bows - my personal history means obviously I was all over that, and now the Mama App is one of my favorite things ever! Read on for why it is seriously making the world a better place with all of its cheap and adorable things!

So baby stuff is super cute and tiny and precious. It also is super expensive to buy it in stores or boutiques, especially considering that it will probably only fit them for a couple months and the chances are high it will get dirty and possibly ruined. Babies are gremlins. SO, the Mama App is awesome, because all their items are super inexpensive. I'm talking baby shoes for $3 and hair bows for $2 including shipping.

How is it possible for all this stuff to be so cheap? Well, you have to be okay with it coming from halfway across the world. You also have to be okay with it sometimes taking several weeks to arrive at your house from across the world. No Prime 2-day shipping here. BUT - everything is SO inexpensive. My favorite thing about the Mama App is the absolutely adorable $1 hair bows for babies. I was super skeptical at first, thinking that this was going to be too good to be true and everything I bought was going to be terrible quality and fall apart and smell weird, etc.
But GUYS - it's not! The cheap hair bows and head bands are actually really, really good.  Below are some case-in-point examples of the super cheap, super adorable baby items I've gotten from Mama:

1. Super soft & stretchy, black & cream animal print turban headband for $1. I love how soft this headband is. I'm excited for her to be able to use it this winter to keep her ears warm, too!

2. These little lace & chiffon headbands with super blingy rhinestone centers for $1 each. These came in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, hot pink, etc. But I opted to get more of the unique colors like royal blue and a light mint and I LOVE them! The chiffon part has a nice, soft felt backing so it doesn't irritate baby's head. 
Yes, I was bribing her with food so I could get pictures of her wearing these bows. 

3. Okay, now I was SUPER excited about these next 2 pictures. They came in a pack of 6 different colors for $10. I have seen these exact same bows glued onto headbands in children's boutiques selling for $10 EACH. These bows have alligator clips on the back so you can attach them to whatever headband you choose. The clips on the backside are somewhat large, which is kind of a downside, but they haven't been an issue for us. 


4. I absolutely love this multi-color glittery bow headband, again for $1! It goes with EVERYTHING and I am super relieved that the glitter stays on the bow and does not shed everywhere like some glittery items do. It is attached to a white, super-stretchy headband and has a felt backing on the back of the bow. This one came in a gold and silver version, and I got the silver. I LOVE it so much! 

5. I saved the very best for last! This one, guys. This one takes the cake! For $1, we got this gorgeous rhinestone & beaded applique headband attached to a black stretchy ribbon. It also came in a variety of color options for the ribbon. It is SO PRETTY in person. Seriously, I saw headbands like this a few months ago and loved them, but they were selling for $20 each. I got this one that looks exactly the same for $1. ONE DOLLAR!

Other awesome cheap stuff I've gotten from the Mama App includes:
  • silicone baby bibs for $2 (as opposed to $8 or more on Amazon)
  • baby moccasin shoes for $2-6 - not real leather and not as high quality as the real leather ones you can find on places like Etsy. However, I refuse to pay $20 for baby shoes so I was thrilled to find cheap versions that are still cute and do the job. My kid never leaves shoes on for longer than 10 minutes anyway. 
  • a portable baby chair harness for $10 that allows me to securely strap Lottie to any chair. I LOVE this thing because if there isn't a highchair available or I need a place to securely set her, I can always have this stashed in my diaper bag. It folds up into itself in a little bag, too! 
  • Various plastic bath toys and kids toys for less than $3 each. Including one slightly obnoxious and strange light-up toy that makes VERY LOUD animal noises and says a few phrases in Chinese. However, Lottie likes it and it keeps her occupied for awhile so therefore, I like it. 
So there you have it. The Mama App - a somewhat strange marketplace of very cheap accessories and kids items that might take several weeks to arrive at your doorstep. I have to say, I have overall been very impressed at the quality of items I have gotten! If you're like me and love cute, cheap stuff for babies, check it out! I am not being compensated by Mama in any way and all of the opinions in this post are my own. I just wanted to share something I love with you all because I know there are some mamas out there who need to know about cheap and adorable hair bows for their babies! 

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#oilofthedayvideo Myrrh Essential Oil!

Today Lottie makes an appearance as we talk about Myrrh Essential Oil in our #oilofthedayvideo series! MYRRH IS AMAZING!!

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Qeepsake - A New Kind of Baby Book and Why I Love It!

Among the most popular phrases said to new parents, "You'll miss this someday," "It goes by so fast," and "You need to write all this stuff down!" are among the most popular. ALL ARE TRUE!

I can't really do anything about the fact that babies don't stay babies forever and seem to grow up at warp speed. I also can't really do anything about the fact that my mind used to be a steel trap of details and memories, and now, thanks to the small human who resided in my body for 10 months and stole part of my brain, I can't remember anything anymore, (She also stole my whole heart, so it's okay, I tell myself.)

I know every mom wants to find a way to bottle up all the precious things and sweet moments and memories that happen, but let's face it. About the last thing a new mom has time to do these days is sit down and write stuff down. Plus, by the time a mom gets a hot second to herself, she literally can't remember anything that happened to her that day. Her brain is mush. Writing is therapeutic to me, and I still don't seem to make the time to journal and store memories like I want to.

Shortly after Lottie was born, my mom (who is brilliant) gave me the idea to do a baby-book calendar and hang it in our kitchen so I could quickly jot down milestones and events throughout Lottie's first year. I have LOVED doing that and I got this one on Amazon. It has cute stickers for monthly birthdays and milestones for baby. And because of it's convenient spot in the kitchen, I see it often and have actually been pretty faithful at filling it out!

A couple weeks ago, I saw a Facebook ad for Qeepsake. I had heard about it before, but never really looked into it. This time it caught my eye and I saw it came with a 2-week free trial, so I signed up! Every night shortly after Lottie goes to bed, Qeepsake texts me a question about her, and I text back an answer. Qeepsake stores my answers as dated journal entries and compiles them into an online baby book! I can text in pictures and also random things that happen that I want to remember and Qeepsake stores it all.  Even cooler - whenever you're ready, you can order a Qeepsake book that prints out all your journal entries to date!

I absolutely have fallen in love with storing memories this way!! In my business, I use my phone a LOT, so I love the convenience of texting in journal entries. I have found that I really look forward to the nightly text from Qeepsake to reflect on the day.  When my free trial was over, I opted for the Qeepsake Plus plan ($35/year) which allows me to text Qeepsake whenever Lottie does something adorable (so, always) or something special happens, and I can text in pictures that I want to keep, too!! I LOVE this feature!

One thing I really appreciate is that the Qeepsake questions are often things that I wouldn't normally think to write down about her. Questions like - What are 2 things about Lottie's personality that you love? What was your favorite moment with Lottie today? What does Lottie do when she recognizes someone? What is a piece of wisdom you want Lottie to know? The questions get me thinking and reflecting and I love that I am building a journal of more than just milestones, but things about her unique self that I know I would forget eventually.

You can add more children to your Qeepsake account, so you can make journals for each of them! The Qeepsake Books are expandable so you can always get more pages to keep on storing unique memories for your children. I love that we have our sweet baby calendar to remember Lottie's first year, but I am so thrilled that I have found Qeepsake to keep storing memories throughout her childhood. I know I will look back and treasure these so much one day.

If you'd like to use Qeepsake for yourself, I'd love it if you would use my unique referral link! I am not being compensated by Qeepsake in any way and all of the opinions in these post are mine. I just wanted to share something awesome with you, my awesome readers, that is super convenient and I have fallen in love with!!!

Lottie is 10 Months!

I'm not sure how or when it happened, but my little baby girl has turned into a curious little pre-toddler monkey! She is 10 months old today! She weighed in yesterday at 22.1 lbs and 30 3/4 inches long! She is wearing anywhere from 12mo to 24m clothing, and pretty much refuses to wear shoes.

This girl is so fun and so ornery. Her favorite thing these days is to make a huge mess with her food, or her toys, or even better - by emptying drawers, baskets, tables, and shelves of all of their contents. She is squirmy and wriggly and always on the go searching for new and exciting things to explore. She pulls herself up to standing on anything and everything and has taken a few steps along furniture. She learned to climb the stairs a few weeks ago, so now her favorite thing to do is climb our entire staircase several times per day. We are pretty sure she can stand on her own, but she hasn't realized it yet!

Lottie is an observer, and so inquisitive. I can constantly see her little wheels turning as she explores her world. She gets bored easily and moves on quickly. She knows all the things in the house she's not supposed to touch, and prefers to go after those things instead of her toys. She loves going new places because there's tons of new stuff and people to look at! She loves watching Super Why and Baby Signing Time, and the Royals. She is starting to like looking at books and being read to. She babbles and sings and chatters constantly and likes to mimic blowing raspberries and bubbles and says "Da," "Ba," and "Ma." I have a feeling she waits until she really knows how to do something before she tries it.

She gets frustrated if she isn't able to figure something out quickly, but before we know it she has totally mastered it. She has quite a strong will already, which I'm sure will be a means of sanctification for both her and her parents!

Lottie takes awhile to warm up to new people, but once she decides she likes you, she really likes you. She is a huge mama's girl, but she is finally coming around to loving Daddy and her grandparents. Verdict is still out on everyone else. She thinks Daddy is tons of fun and loves when he teases her. They make each other laugh and she loves to be chased and tossed around and pestered! We cannot believe how fast she is growing up and we are constantly amazed at the little girl she is becoming! She is such a gift to us. We love you so much, Charlotte Jean!